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The ideal gathering for technical founders, CTOs, and VPs of Engineering 

Isn’t it strange that most SaaS conferences overlook the very heart of what we do, focusing entirely on business aspects such as marketing, sales, internationalization, and funding?

We’ve noticed this gap, and we understand that as leaders in technology, you need more.

SaaS isn’t just about business strategies; it’s about innovation, technology, and engineering. That’s why we believe that these topics should not only be included but celebrated at SaaS events.

To meet this need, we are excited to introduce a technology and engineering track specifically designed for you. Welcome to the SaaS Summit Dev Lounge, a place where the technological visionaries of our industry can collaborate, learn, and inspire.

Join us, and be part of shaping the future of SaaS technology!

This Dev Lounge is supported by madewithlove.


Learn from your technical peers

The Dev Lounge at the SaaS Summit is a space exclusively dedicated to connecting technical founders and CTOs with their peers. Here, you can learn best practices, share ideas, and discuss benchmarks.


non-sponsored presentations by other technical founders and CTO’s


workshops on technical topics such as infrastructure, security, technical debt, etc.


roundtables on how to hire and build a high-performing development and engineering team


speed-dating sessions with non-competing CTOs or founders who are at the same stage as you.

Dev Lounge Speakers

Andreas Creten

Andreas Creten

CEO of madewithlove

Edwin Vlieg

Edwin Vlieg

Founder of Moneybird

casper bakker

Casper Bakker

Founder of Picqer


Who has access to the Dev Lounge?

All attendees have free access to the Dev Lounge. 

I'm not a big fan of networking. What kind of interactions can I expect at the Dev Lounge?

We understand that traditional networking isn’t for everyone, and that’s why the Dev Lounge is designed to be different.

Rather than typical networking parties with awkward introductions, the Dev Lounge fosters an environment that encourages genuine peer-to-peer conversations.

Our goal is to create a comfortable space where technical founders and CTOs can engage in meaningful dialogue, share insights, and learn from each other. In addition to presentations, workshops, and roundtables, we facilitate speed-dates with peers in the same role and stage as you, but in non-competing companies.

This approach allows you to connect with like-minded professionals without the pressure often associated with standard networking events. 

So, come on down to the Dev Lounge and feel comfortable! 

What topics will be discussed at the Dev Lounge?

There will be a few presentations, panel discussions, and keynotes, but for the most part, the agenda for the Dev Lounge is focused on 1:1 interactions and small group discussions.

Themes include both technical topics (such as technical debt, infrastructure, security, etc.) and leadership topics (such as hiring, building, and developing the team, etc.).

Keep an eye on the agenda to see updates.

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