Bluebird was started in 2020 with a mission: disrupt the recruitment industry by bringing real, in-field SaaS experience to help others make great career decisions.

Everyone at Bluebird has years of experience working in the SaaS industry as top Sales, Marketing & Customer Success professionals & leaders before joining Bluebird. We realise this is not the normal approach to recruitment and we hope that this can benefit the market and ‘raise the bar‘ for companies in this sector.

Today, Bluebird has offices in Amsterdam and London and helps VC-backed SaaS companies around the world fill commercial positions across their go-to-market function.

bluebird recruitment
bluebird recruitment

We’d define our 4 key tenets as the following;

  • Represent companies we’d genuinely work for
  • Be Radically Transparent about the process
  • Connect the best talent with the best companies
  • Change the recruitment game for good

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