Let’s turn your digital infrastructure into a real driver of innovation and growth.

Are you a CEO, CTO, or lead developer at a tech startup or scale-up? Then this question surely keeps you up at night: how do we get the most out of our product and team?

ElasticScale has engineered your answer: ES Foundation. This adaptive infrastructure platform brings together complete freedom and maximum security. From now on, you can fully focus on the innovation of your product.

ES Foundation is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that leverages AWS and GCP to provide a cloud-agnostic infrastructure solution, allowing SaaS companies like yours to focus on innovation while ES Foundation handles the complexities of infrastructure.

Founder Alex Jeensma: ‘For many SaaS companies, their digital infrastructure is a real headache. There’s a lot of uncertainty. Across the board, you see unnecessarily high cloud costs, risks in app continuity, and a development team that spends a lot of time on infra patching.’


ES Foundation lets you take back control and truly innovate freely again. Jeensma: ‘We offer everything SaaS companies need in one adaptive platform. And because we place it seamlessly in everyone’s unique context and guarantee that they own their own version of the platform, we really bring freedom and security together.’

Freedom secured—with ElasticScale. See you at the SaaS Summit, or reach out earlier to learn more about ES Foundation.

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