In the realm of B2B SaaS, achieving excellence demands more than innovation – it necessitates a strong commercial strategy, profound market understanding, and an outstanding packaging and pricing strategy. Enter Simon-Kucher, a preeminent consulting firm, renowned globally for shaping outstanding commercial strategies.

Our guiding principle? “Unlocking better growth.” This creed fuels our mission. Simon-Kucher excels in penetrating the depths of your enterprise, harmonizing our insights with your objectives, and crafting bespoke strategies aligned with client desires and values.

Our customer base spans the spectrum from multinationals to niche champions, across various industries such as: B2B SaaS, Consumer Goods, Retail and Industrials. Regardless of your standing, our solutions are architected for your ascendancy.

Our engagements center on critical C-level commercial quandaries, including:
🌍 Illuminating growth avenues across borders, channels, and client segments.
🌟 Forging resilient business models that redefine industry paradigms.
🌐 Enabling boardroom leaders for seamless digital metamorphosis.
📊 Designing optimal subscription packages and pricing models that resonate with your patrons.
📈 Addressing diverse challenges with evidence-based precision, yielding tangible profit escalation..

SaaS Bazen

Simon-Kucher isn’t merely a consultancy; we are architects of better growth. Empowered by data-driven insights and a fervor for propelling businesses, we empower your informed decisions that trigger better growth.

During the SaaS Summit Benelux, Ruben de Lange (Partner) will give a keynote presentation on “Profit starts with packaging and pricing” and Marina Kouw (Director) will host a workshop for SaaS leaders on packaging and pricing.

For now, feel free to contact Ruben de Lange or Marina before the event to already kickstart your journey towards better growth. Besides, you can already check out the three pillars shaping a great packaging and pricing model for B2B SaaS companies here or have a quick glance at our website by clicking the button below.

The Simon-Kucher team is looking forward to meeting you at the SaaS Summit Benelux 2023!

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